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Welcome to Chooch AI Vision Studio

1.Getting Started with Datasets
Create datasets through manual or smart annotation. Use synthetic data and augmentation tools to improve your datasets.
2.ReadyNow Models
Chooch ReadyNow models are pre-trained models that can be used as a starting point or as ready-made solutions.
3.Train Custom Models
You can train and test custom models with one click to address your specific needs. You can also use your custom models for smart annotation.
4.Import Models
You can import your own object detection models to further develop a model to deploy into production.
5.Deploy Models
Deploy your own, or Chooch-created, models on your own edge devices and camera infrastructure.
AI Vision Studio
Chooch AI Vision Studio API
Chooch Platform Guide
How to Use Chooch AI Vision Studio End-to-End?
About ImageChat
ImageChat-3 Self-hosted Installation Guide
ImageChat-3 API Documentation
Inference Engine
What’s New in Inference Engine ?
Chooch Inference Engine Setup Guide
Chooch Inference Engine Deployment Guide

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